Customer Notice Items are produced of natural raw materials. The colors or/and sizes may slightly differ from the item description. Prices or/and forms are subject to change without notice at anytime based on price fluctuations of raw materials. Please avoid direct sunlight and store in a well-ventilated place. The suggested retail prices indicated in this catalogue do not include Japanese consumption tax. ※ Prices in blue describes that there were updates of price or/and minimum order quantity from the vol.19. ※ The price increase is applicable from March 1st, 2018 ※ We will strive to keep the current price until the end of Feb. However, we may have to adopt new price for those   products whose prices has to be significantly increased are out of stock. Returns are eligible only for defective goods or wrong items.(Please notify us within one week after the receipt of the items.)※We highly recommend you to place an order for slit bamboo products only when you have received a customer’s order. This is because they could get moldy or cracked. Should you have any products corresponding to the above mentioned, Please send the items together with packages after contacting us. Name of product Item number Country of origin(  = Japan) Page number of the item Size Suggested retail price Minimum order quantity This shows that one carton contains 20pcs for your reference, which does not be always equal to minimum order quantity. The double line under the retail price indicate that the price has been already increased. 1 . Products 4 . Prices 6 . Preservation method 7 . Consumption Tax 8 . Item numbers 5 . Returns Policy Colors and patterns can be chosen only when available choices are described under the each items. 2 . Colors and Patterns Please understand that patterns may vary and colors and texture other than displayed photos may be included. 3 . Patterned cloth ※ ・2A (Page number of the item + Indicating letter) is to help a customer to easily find an product from the catalogue.When ordering, please make sure to include it together with quantity and size information.(e.g : 2A-1011 Pin Wheel Small × 10pcs) ・When ordering directly to us, please make sure to let us know the item number and order quantity to avoid any mis-shipment.(e.g:1011,10pcs) ・Some of the item numbers were changed from former catalogue, if you are ordering from a former catalogue, please make sure to let us know the catalogue number. 〈How to order〉 Products not found in the magazine, maybe possibly manufactured. Custom orders are available. Please contact us to discuss. Orders placed in the morning (before 12 noon) will be dispatched the same day. Orders placed in the afternoon will be dispatched the following day. 9. Delivery Dispatch Times 10. Custom orders P92-103 are all made by bamboo artisans. The discount percentage for distributors will be updated from January 1st,2016. For more details, please contact us. 11.Volume discount (%) ※Description of the country of origins    …Japan …Taiwan …Viet Nam    …Indonesia   …China   …Thailand    …Semi-manufactured goods    …Products made outside of Japan by well trained     craftspeople MADE BY JAPAN The sale ends when all the stock is sold out. 6A-1219-H YOKOBUE (Japanese flute) 36cm  ¥450 ×30 52A - 3008 - N Bamboo Block Pillow 33×17×8cm ¥3,500 〈20/ct〉 ※ 61C - 3466 - S Bamboo“Rokuro”Ladle (Small) (Approx.sizeφ6.5×6)×45cm  ¥1,050 6C - 1253 - Z SHAKUROKU (Japanese Bamboo Flute) Hight end (In Box) 48cm   ¥15,000